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The Italian arts & crafts is the heritage of our culture and it has been preserved from generation to generation.

Beside their expertise and knowledge of production techniques, our manufacturers are selected to give priority to our customer’s needs.

The Italian philosophy is made up of innovative products, high quality, long duration, excellent functionality and attractive design.

Monitoring the production process

Shoes manufacturing
Performance evaluation of our suppliers

Glass coloring and blowing

Product selection
Knowledge of the product from every aspect


Our local offices operate in conjunction with a series of professionals in the European countries, industries and artisans to deliver the best quality to our clients, mixing traditions of each specific country with innovation.

Explore our Sourcing Areas

Food, leather, shoes, accessories

Glassware and Christmas ornaments

Woven apparel, shoes, ceramics, table linens

Fabrics, leathers, woven apparel, ceramics, table linens